• Become Financially independent
  • Profit from markets whether they go up or down
  • Discover our automated algorithmic indicators to analyze thousands of instruments with a click of a button
  • Secure your future with a second income stream
  • Identify the best trading opportunities in any market
  • Master the most effective technical analysis strategies

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Become a successful trader

Complete trading series from Alpha to Omega

It is not any trading course. Our omega Mastery program is a complete trading system based not only on technical analysis but also on money management, risk management and tackles trading psychology through focusing on behavioural finance. It is a complete trading strategy based mainly on price. After all it is the price behaviour that reflects all needed information for successful trading. Although we focus a lot on the price action of a given security we still use indicators to confirm our decision and outlook. Actually we have developed a set of algorithmic technical indicators that help us a lot in analysing the market.

Exclusive tools for Tradepedia participants

Successful traders have the patience to conduct multiple and time consuming technical analysis on many instruments to ensure they are consistently profitable. We’ve developed a series of automated indicators that do the analysis for you so you can focus on what’s important – your profitable trading. The swing indicator will help you in identifying trends and trend reversals while highlighting for you the best entry price, the correct stop loss level and targets for every trade. The river indicator will help you understand the speed and strength of any existing trend while the S&R indicator detects for you the significant support and resistance levels in addition to daily pivot levels. In order to maximize your returns and minimize the given risk you will learn how to use the position size indicator and risk management indicator. Since every entry signal has a different probability of success, the analyser will take care of evaluating every signal so you know how much to invest on every trade.

During this Program you will learn how to: