Foundations Of Investing

Foundations of investing course

Become a Part of the Global Financial Markets

Created for absolute beginners and as a revision for intermediate level traders. Learn about all the major asset classes including forex, bonds, equities and commodities. Discover which world events affect their prices and your investments or buying power in general.

During this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Understand the economics of how the financial markets work
  • Know how to use fundamental analysis for stock trading using our simple Valuation Model and Techniques
  • Discover the dynamics of supply and demand for commodity prices
  • Understand the macroeconomics behind forex
  • Appreciate why bonds are essential to any balanced investment portfolio
  • Use fundamental analysis to decide what to buy
  • Confidently analyse any chart (equities, forex, fixed income and commodities)
  • Discover the power of technical analysis tools to understand when to buy.

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