Trading Seminars

Trading Seminars

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  • for Novice traders By trading Guru Avramis Despotis

Heard about the exciting world of Stocks and forex trading but have no idea where to start? This is the course for you. Come and see how to join the journey into a $4 trillion transaction business per day! Where, more people lose and fewer win big when they learn how to do it.

Our presentation for the newcomer will disclose the path for successful trading. In less than three hours you’ll get a thorough understanding of what foreign exchange trading is all about and understand the technical terms involved.

Our practical based teaching is on the universal MT4 trading platform so you’ll be learning in the actual environment you’ll be trading in.

During this seminar you will:
  • Understand the what, where, why and how of the Equities and FX market
  • Get a handle on the technical terminology like bid, ask, spread, long, short, lot, pip, majors, crosses,exotics, leverage, margin etc.
  • Learn to trade using the MT4 platform
  • Open, modify, close and delete orders
  • Understand the mechanisms behind the market movements
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  • for Experienced traders By trading Guru Avramis Despotis

If you are an experienced trader searching how you can refine and improve your skills of trading with a strategy, advanced proprietary tools and a more disciplined mindset support. Come and see how to become a more effective and more profitable trader. Our presentation for the pro trader will disclose and demonstrate the tools that enable you to be more successful.

Swing traders are perfectly placed to exploit the short-time price action in the markets. By using technical analysis, charts and trends they identify the three ingredients every trader is looking for; what to buy, in which direction and when. In this short intensive course, you’ll learn to love the use of charts and understand trends and price patterns to profit from the financial markets. By the end of the day, you’ll become familiar enough with the principles of Dow and Gann Theory and Fibonacci to enable you to make confident and calculated trades.

During this seminar you will:
  • Learn the foundations of Technical analysis
  • Understand how to use the Avramis Swing system to generate entry and exit signals
  • Use Fibonacci retracements and projections to predict trend reversals and to set stop and profit orders
  • Identify the correct time frame to use
  • Correctly identify the trend of any instrument (equities, forex, fixed income and derivatives)
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