• Become Financially independent
  • Profit from markets whether they go up or down
  • Use our Proprietary Algorithmic Tools to analyze thousands of instruments with a click of a button
  • Secure your future with a second income stream
  • Indentify the best trading opportunities in any market
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Omega Mastery Program Certificate

Become a successful trader

Complete trading series from Alpha to Omega

Get into the markets quickly and easily through our series of workshops designed to give you hands-on experience from day one. After 20 years of trading in the financial markets, Tradepedia founder and CEO, Avramis Despotis, has refined his knowledge into three key workshops tailored to meet the different levels of participants. Each workshop naturally flows into the next with the ultimate aim of giving you the tools, knowledge and experience for consistent trading success.

Exclusive tools for Tradepedia participants

Successful traders have the patience to conduct multiple and time consuming technical analyses on many instruments to ensure they are consistently profitable. We’ve developed a series of automated tools that do most of the legwork for you so you can get on with the important part – the actual trading. Developed and tested throughout the years by Avramis himself, the tools are designed to take the complexity out of trading. In the same way you don’t have to understand electricity to turn on the lights, our proprietary indicators give you quick and easy insights so you can profit, whether the markets go up, down or sideways.

During this Program you will:

Invest your time trading, not analysing

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