Algorithmic Trading Tools

Bringing together over 20 years’ experience in the financial markets, Avramis Despotis has developed a series of precise trading tools to use on the popular MetaStock and MetaTrader platforms. The automated tools are designed to take the leg work out of technical analyses so you can get on with the important part – the actual trading.

Our proprietary trading tools are provided to participants of our Omega workshops exclusively.

Swing Indicator

Avramis Swing Indicator

Identify Market Trends and Reversals Profit by detecting tops and bottoms

“In every book you read everyone mentions how important trend identification is and that to identify the trends and their reversals you need to see what the Peaks (tops) and Troughs (bottoms) are doing. In no book that I have read do they actually explain how to identify the tops and the bottoms leaving the identification to the subjectivity of the trader / analyst”

1. Identify the correct tops and bottoms in Real time

2. Trade reliable price reversals in all timeframes

3. No customization, no repainting, automatic across timeframes

River Indicator

Avramis River Indicator

Recognize the Clarity of a Trend
Profit from identifying the Best instruments

Identifying the trend is half the story, the other half is its clarity, its strength and breadth. In order to measure speed and how the market is moving we use Avramis Rivers.

By combining moving averages, volatility and market sentiment we can determine by observing angle, separation and price in relation to them, speed and clarity of a trend.

1. Easily identify range patterns

2. Replace all trend indicators with a single indicator

3. Identify strong trending instruments

S&R Indicator

Avramis S&R Indicator

Harness Volatility, Fibonacci & Gann
Profit from discovering supply and demand levels

Tired of using 10 different methodologies to identify support and resistance levels? Avramis S&R indicator will do the leg work for you.

Combining Avramis swing with volatility measures, Fibonacci retracements and projections it will plot up to 10 Support and Resistance levels automatically.

1. Predict levels that can cause a change in direction

2. Automatic Support and resistance levels on all timeframes

3. Levels automatically updated as the market changes

State Indicator

Avramis State Indicator

Identify Oversold or Overbought Markets Profit from anticipating reversal in momentum

Markets are essentially driven by psychological forces. Our emotions move from one extreme to another, from greed to fear, from hope to despair. This is what causes momentum indicators to fluctuate from overbought to oversold levels – In a sense, momentum reflects crowd psychology and measures the intensity of the emotions of market participants.

1. Identify oversold/overbought situations

2. Recognize when there is a higher probability of a correction

3. Replace momentum oscillators with a single indicator

Analyser Indicator

Avramis Analyser Indicator

Automated Analysis of Multiple Indicators Invest your time in trading not analyzing

Analyze any instrument using Moving Averages, MACD, Relative Strength Index, Intraday Momentum Index, Rate of Change, Stochastic, Volume Oscillator, On Balance Volume, Volume Oscillator, Chaikin AD Oscillator, Demand index and more at the click of a button.

1. Analyze in seconds not hours

2. Map the market direction in real time

3. Quickly Identify the best Instruments to Trade

Autosec Indicator

Avramis Autosec Indicator

Identify Trends in the Standard Error Channel
Profit from buy and sell signals based on price volatility

The basic trend line is one of the simplest of the technical tools employed by the chartist, but by any standard one of the most powerful and valuable tool second only to price.

The way most people draw trend lines is however very subjective and usually works very well only in hindsight. The Linear regression channel removes the subjectivity from trend lines and uses statistics to automatically draw channels.

1. Identify the strength of the Trend

2. See when the Trend is losing potency

3. Automatic projection of standard error channel lines

Fibo Indicator

Avramis Fibo Indicator

Fibonacci Entry and Exit Levels
Strategize stop loss and take profit levels

By using the Avramis Swing Indicator Avramis Fibbo Level adds another dimension to the tools – Where to take your profit. By using Fibonacci retracements in an ingenious way to project price targets it completes our rudimentary entry method of a failure swing reversal giving us all the necessary ingredients of a complete system.

1. At what price to enter

2. At what Price to exit

3. At what price to take your profit

Explorer Indicator

Avramis Explorer Indicator

Scan Thousands of Instruments
Find the most profitable trades

The Tradepedia pattern recognition explorer is a powerful, analysis tool that can perform in-depth “explorations” on multiple instruments across multiple time frames finding the best instruments, with current “buy/sell” signals, in any instrument in any market in the world.

1. Find the best trade candidates

2. Be alerted immediately when signals appear

3. Reduce tedious hours of analysis

Risk Management

Avramis Risk Management

Automated Tracking of your Risk
Protect your Capital

Making risk management easy and straightforward - our risk management indicator helps traders keep a tight control over their risk management and general exposure in real time. Our propriety tool will help traders know at any given time the current exposure and value at risk (VAR) of their trades.

1. Calculate correct Position Size

2. Monitor Exposure & Maximum Risk

3. Know your VAR in Real time

Volume Indicator

Avramis Volume Indicator

Confirm Price Action
Profit from identifying best equity movers

Volume is one of the best tools that an investor or trader can use to tell whether money is moving into or out of a stock. Volume indicators are used to confirm the strength of trends. Lack of confirmation may warn of a reversal. Avramis volume Indicator uses advanced algorithms to combine Price and Volume for the ultimate confirmation indicator on equity breakouts.

1. Choose the best share to trade

2. Identify strength and weakness in a share

3. Avoid false breakouts