About Us

Who is Tradepedia?

Our Vision at Tradepedia

“Be the global premier preferred educator that best understands and satisfies trading knowhow learning”.

Our mission at Tradepedia

To deliver learning, coaching and mentoring programs “How to Trade Effectively, Consistently and Profitably”, for Financial Services Companies, Brokerage Houses and Private Investors, from part-time newcomers/novices all the way to experienced full-time traders, by providing a series of thoughtfully designed step by step learning modules, methodologies and tools, face to face and over the Internet.

What We Do at Tradepedia

Our subscription services (trading training, personal support, mentoring and proprietary trading tools) help(s) Private Investors, Financial Services Companies and Brokerage Houses (people just like you), the novice and the experienced trade who want to trade successfully by (-) reducing stress, avoiding uncertainty, reducing fear and (+) increasing profit returns, increasing discipline and consistency, enabling flow state and relaxed alertness.
  • Have more discipline
  • Trade with minimum stress
  • Learn to profit from trading
  • Cope with uncertainty
  • Be in the now or flow state, positive emotions
  • Tune your trading with a mentor
  • Improve profit returns
  • Increase financial security and freedom
  • Save money
  • Maximise profit and return of investment
  • Achieve your goals
There are thousands of trade professionals in the worldwide economy of trading market community and all of them in one way or another striving to be successful. We know from our own experience and 20 years of observation that a significant percentage of these people would fail. Despite their best efforts, they won’t be able to make enough money to support their families. They will become frustrated, burn out and eventually just quit the trade industry altogether. You may be struggling with these issues right now.
But there is an answer to this dilemma, and you will find it in a unique combination of three common words: High Trust Trading. What does it mean? If you are clearly interested in growing into a more effective trade professional and you are careful to apply, with our support, the concepts of what we teach about trading, use our proprietary tools, your trading business will do more than merely improve! We can say this with a high degree of certainty because we’ve not only implemented High Trust Trading in our career with great success.
Our method has achieved 48% return in 2013 and 42% in 2014, and we’ve also seen it work in the lives of hundreds of people we’ve trained, supported and mentored. Becoming a consistent trustworthy trader takes a bit more than a strategy and some tools!
A trustworthy trader will follow through and implement success practices we teach in our A to Z training. If you’re a trustworthy trader running a respectable, reliable trading business, you will succeed in the trading profession in less time than you think and with much less stress than you’ve been accustomed to. More than that, with high trust on your side you will climb to the top of your industry and remain there.
And to build a longer term success you cannot do without a proper foundation. Lasting success is built with the stuff on the inside who you are and who you want to become, why you trade and what legacy you intend to leave.
So every day, your purpose is to align your actions in such a way so that at the end of the day you will have made a positive difference or added value in the lives of the people you do business and of those you love.
So for us at Tradepedia, we teach what we practice day in day out. It is a reality inside us and we recommend that you attend one of our business opportunity presentations and learn how you can restructure your career from the inside out and pick up our training, support, mentoring and tools to do so in your life. The most important aspect of the process and new relationship is to help you harmonise your career with your purpose, in or out of trade, giving you the best chance at true success, paying out your own purpose as a true authentic leader. And remember that your direction is a result of your perception.

Our Subscription Services

Provide trading training, support, coaching, mentoring and proprietary trading tools to:
I. People completely new to the field of trading who are looking for a practical, simplified clear knowhow to decide whether trading opportunity can be a full-time income generation alternative for them or a complementary income venue. And most importantly to find out if they can do it! To see what it takes to become a trader and what does it involve in terms of costs, investments and risk.
II. People who are new to the market but have trading or investing experience on other markets and will like to find out what sets apart.
III. Traders frustrated by their performance who would like to improve their readiness and find out what else they need to improve their success ratio and profitability returns, and progress to higher level of successful trading.

What markets do we serve?

I. Financial Services Companies: Banks and Fund management companies always look to train their employees in new techniques and methodologies for making optimal investment decisions for them and their clients.
II. Brokerage Houses: The trend is for the brokerage houses to train their clients in investments so as to make more informed decisions thus creating more volume and thus profits for them.
III. Private Investors: The recent turmoil in Financial markets has made Investors realise they must educate themselves so that on the one hand they can better understand the products offered to them and on the other take matters in their own hands and invest their money themselves and not through an intermediary.
Avramis Despotis

Our CEO and Leader, Avramis Despotis

An enthusiastic educator, authoritative voice in price action trading and inspiring personal coach, Avramis Despotis has been immersed in the financial markets for over two decades. Founder and CEO of Tradepedia, he is an expert instructor in technical analysis, risk management and behavioural finance and has mentored over 20,000 private and institutional traders. His technical analysis reports and signals are sought after by clients and stock brokers across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
  • Over 20,000 Private and Institutional Traders Educated
  • Over 20 years of Experience
Avramis is regularly called upon by top-tier global firms like Interarab Cambist Association (ICA), National Commercial Bank, Arab Bank, Emirates NBD, Abu Dhabi National Bank, MENACORP and more to provide expert-level training to their top traders, fund managers and risk assessors.
As a specialist in stocks and derivatives, he correctly predicted the drop of the Western stock markets in 2007 and their subsequent rise in 2009 and the MENA region’s drop in 2008 and rise in 2013. A long-time trader in his native Greek stock exchange, he publicly predicted the drop of the stock market from 2500 to 500 points in 2010 and the subsequent rise to 1300 points in 2013 and its fall to 750 in 2014.
Avramis is a Certified Financial Technician from the International Federation of Technical Analysts, a member of the British Society of Technical Analysts, is certified by CySEC for Portfolio Management and Own Account Trading and holds an MSc. in Finance. With a decade of interbank experience, in 2009 he founded Tradepedia, one of the leading training institutes and providers of automated software, market reports and signals.

Our Instructors

Mario Pashardes

Mario Pashardes

Mario Pashardes is the Chief Market Strategist of Tradepedia LLC and head instructor for the Greece and Cyprus regions. He has a crucial role in generating successful technical market reports, creating new product lines, and using effective teaching techniques to coach traders of all levels.He has a strong background in quantitative analysis from his studies at the University of Southampton where he graduated with a BSc. in Economics and Econometrics.
Habib Akiki

Habib Akiki

Habib Akiki is the Senior Market Strategist of Tradepedia LLC and head instructor for the MENA region. As Head of the Trading Department in his previous employment his experience covers Foreign Exchange, Money Markets, Fixed-Income Securities, Tradable Commodities, Equities, and Derivatives on the international markets. In addition to his Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Banking & Finance from Notre Dame University and the CFTeII Diploma from the IFTA he has pursued further academic development, hence obtaining certificates in International Securities, Financial Derivatives, and Investments & Risk by the CISI, UK. He is the professional media speaker of Tradepedia and his market views are highly recognized by local and international TV channels and business magazines.
Nizar Chaibi

Nizar Chaibi

Nizar Chaibi is the instructor in technical analysis of Tradepedia LLC responsible of the region of North Africa and Francophone region. He has an important role to teach the discipline of technical analysis and assist the various financial market participants to develop their skills of trading and support them in their process of making decision through a good reading of the financial market and a solid six years experience working as a EUR / USD specialist trader in the trading room of a subsidiary of one of the largest French Banks “Banque Populaire and Caisse d’epargne”.
Julius Vaitkevicius

Julius Vaitkevicius

Julius is a Lithuanian who has been living in China for almost 10 years. Besides his native Lithuanian tongue, he has also mastered Russian, English and Mandarin Chinese languages. Altogether he spent almost 20 years in academic studies: first Computer Science (1993-1995), then Theology (1995-1997) and finally Western (1998-2001) and Chinese philosophies (2003-2012).
Charalambos Spyridis

Charalambos Spyridis

Charalambos was born and raised in Athens, Greece. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Brighton as also a Master’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Oxford. His acquaintance with the capital markets became during his studies 15 years ago, investigating the application of Technical Analysis in various financial products. Additionally, he has attended all courses of Tradepedia since 2009. This journey led him to actively deal successfully with the management of his own equity since early 2010, study for his investment management certification and start actively managing client funds. In Tradepedia Mr. Spyridis is a full time Instructor and Technical Analyst with principal responsibility, the analysis of the Forex and CFD markets. Favourite strategies incorporate automated systems in order to scan the markets and evaluate form and shape of trends as also manual systems in search for the best opportunities.